EV S-181 Subwoofer (400w) ~ $400 for pair/set


Electro-Voice (EV) S-181 Subwoofer - $400 for pair/set or best offer

If interested, send an email to nmlkngdm@gmx.com

Frequency Response, Measured At 10 Feet on Axis, Swept 1/3-Octave, Half-Space Anechoic Environment: 48-200 Hz

Low-Frequency 3-dB-Down Point: 48 Hz

Usable Low-Frequency Limit (10-dB-down point): 36 Hz

Half-Space Reference Efficiency: 3.8%

Long-Term Average Power Handling Capacity per EIA Standard RS-426A: 400 watts

Recommended Crossover Frequency: 200 Hz

Input Connections: Parallel 1/4-in. phone jacks (allows paralleling of muliple speakers)

Enclosure Materials and Colours:
Black carpet covered 3/4-in. RoadwoodTM
Perforated metal grille

Enclosure Dimensions,
Height: 70.4 cm (27.7 in.)
Width: 53.8 cm (21.2 in.)
Depth: 58.1 cm (22.9 in.)


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